Creative Writing

If you need professional writing done, then I am your best choice. Professional Wordsmithing is what I do. Need: song lyrics, poetry, science fiction, fantasy, historical fictional, mystery, or non-fiction  written, pick Wordsmith-pro. Ghost writing included.

Technical Writing

Term papers, product reviews, documentation, instructions and product descriptions in fields to include: computers, sciences, finance, electronics and aerospace.


I do research for any subject. Send me your subject you want researched and I will do exhaustive research on the subject and prepare the information for you in any context you choose.

Creative/Content writing

Whether you need a term paper, briefs written, book reviews, product reviews, poetry, song lyrics, or just help developing a story, Creative Wordsmithing is your one-stop source for content writing, creative writing, and research.

My professional writing service will develop content, write advertising, create term papers, build resume's, write briefs, song lyrics, poetry. If you need writing done in any style I can help you.